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Google app

This app allow you to read trending stories on its app. Half are blank or do not load correctly. Please fix this problem.


I use the google app more than I use safari. It is very easy to search & I love that even if you make another search, it leaves your page open in the background !

New Shelf

The shelf on the bottom is ridiculously huge. 40% of my screen when scrolling is crap.

What happened?

For about a month now my app does not work unless connected to wifi. Ive tried multiple things to get it to work but nothing works.


Please remove the stupid “People also searched” window that appears when you scroll up on a page. Unnecessary, unhelpful, and distracting! Otherwise, app is fine.

Cant disable suggestions?

This has been a fine app but Im giving it 2 stars because I cant disable the suggestions (people also view.) This is very invasive, always popping up and I regularly accidentally click on other content. To the degree that I no longer use this at all. The other issue for me is the cards. I only want cards that I pick. I dont want trending topics, news, etc, I just want a few scores, weather and what I tell it to show me. Seemingly, thats impossible.

Paypal button not working

I have a site where it’s required to pay for items and customers complain that paypal buttons don’t work when using this app, however it works on all other browsers and apps including, chrome, and safari.


Constantly CRASHES and DOSENT click anything

Hate the drawer

The new drawer design that appears at the bottom of a webpage after you click on a link is driving me bonkers. It takes up way more space than the tab bar crowding the page. I keep accidentally pulling it up a hitting on of the links and navigating away when I just wanted to scroll down. Its very frustrating and annoying.

Useful but with bugs

I do love Google search and it is my go-to search engine but since the last update the app loads but then takes another 10 seconds or so to allow me to type in the search bar. I usually now end up with half a word entered because Ive started typing already but Google isnt ready for me. Please fix this new delay and Id definitely be giving it more stars.

Annoying after latest update

Advertisements everywhere.... this app just went from 5 stars to crap. I get it, you need to make money off featuring ads but you place them inconveniently and I can barely scroll thru the app without touching an ad smfh. ??


Best app...I guess

glide typing for Persian language doesnt work.

the gboard integrated keyboard in this app was awesome and i always use it for typing in Persian but it doesnt work anymore, some issues with word predicting too, I assume it is the new update. Fix it please??, it was my primary keyboard!

Cant update

Have to delete and download every time there is an update.....Getting old.

Too many features

This latest version has gone too far. It feels bloated and the performance is awful. At times search queries stall. News cards refuse to be dismissed. I definitely don’t care about related pages. Not sure what’s happening over at google but this latest release feels like amateur hour.


When I have to reopen most pages in safari because they don’t display correct. I dumped Android in the first place because it was not refined. Not much has changed.

Great app with a great Keyboard!

Everythings been great but the keyboard isnt swiping with my new iPhone 8 with iOS 11!! Fix in update please !!

Usually good, now big battery drain from “audio”

25% battery usage- not sure what is happening.

Great app

I use this very often

Search results are communist style censorship

I will not support google anymore as they have clearly started to curate search results to push ideology. Googles duopoly with Facebook threatens freedom of information on the internet. Ive lost all trust with this company and you should research these allegations yourself and exercise your 1st and 4th amendment rights with a different company.

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