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Search engine

Google is just the best and reliable search engine

Good but some points...

The app overall functions as it’s supposed to, I like how when you open the app you can right away google something from a fresh page and not have a random previous page to deal with. The google news cards are okay but I rarely use it, a few things though. The app is buggy/glitchy feeling when scrolling search results on my iPhone 6 Plus. I understand my phone is not the newest but on safari etc it is smooth when scrolling so that is a bit upsetting. Will still continue to use but I hope that an update will patch this up. Cheers google team.

my Google app disapeared off my homescreen

Hi So My Google app ,Youtube app And Some other apps Just disappeared randomly off my Home screen And i Searched google and youtube and other apps up on the appstore it Said Open next to the apps and i clicked it Many times But it doesnt open Google or youtube or the other Apps that suddenly disapeared off my home screen and I tried To Click on App support but its not working either Do u know what i can Do to Get my google , youtube And/Or other apps back or what may be wrong With them ??

Google review

I go to Google for everything! I use it many times per day. LOVE IT!

Way smarter than Siri

Google almost always takes me right to the page I want while — with Siri I way too often find that either he/she can’t understand simple English at all or is just plain stupid. Google default search is a good reason to to with an Android phone the next time I upgrade.

Google is an indispensable tool

Which I use almost daily to navigate my life!

Keeps making me rate it

Keeps making me rate it

Great screening

Keep up good work.

Litty lit

I like this

Great service

Always on time and an energetic bunch. Would highly recommend.

Thatssss great

Better download it

Clunky unresponsive software

Been having problems with the track your package portion of the app. It lists all packages coming but when you click on it to track individual packages only the top package shows up on the next page. Sooo annoying!!! Google fix this problem!

News feeds are trash

All of the news feeds have absolutely nothing to do with any thing I look at online. I turn it off and a few days later its back on. I think Im going to have to uninstall it.

구글 좋다.

구글 좋다.


I am 66 years old and I love the help and info from Google

No thanks!

Getting caught in police dragnets because you don’t care about my privacy, due to your data retention policies? No thank you, not worth my time. Uninstalled.

Can’t delete history

You used to be able to easily click a button that said “delete history”. They’ve updated it and you cannot do that anymore. Now you have to individually delete the search history from each previous day, and it doesn’t even work! I deleted my history from today, yesterday, and 2 days ago and then voila the history from today that I just “deleted” is right back in front of me. If googles fixes this or brings it back to the way it was before where it was much better, I’ll change my review

I rely on google. I use it every day

Love google; I’m lost without it

Best App To Look, Share, And Find.


When I am on my data.

The Google app does not work when I’m trying look up stuff when I have full reception. Need to fix bugs.

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