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My go too app

I enjoy using the Google app. Its so easy,


Better than most other browsers

App continually freezes up

Nothing works right since iOS released 11.2.5. Freezes up all the time and requires force closing and restarting. Hope an update comes out soon to fix.

It’s google

Google is amazing you can search everything and anything it’s just amazing


No matter what, you have to have this app, for security purposes or anything else you need!! Great job creators!!

No dark mode!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the feature I use most... dark mode! Other than that, the app is great.

Bring back swipe

I have no idea why the google headlines feature to swipe away stories after u are done was taken away. It is so obnoxious to individually click and hide each story. Really a step backwards


I put "how are cookies made" it puts sex thats just NASTY ???


I once thought nothing could be better than Google’s search app. Now I’m constantly finding it to be unusable. Whenever a website places a link at the bottom of the page, I go to click it, and the google icon jumps up and gets in the way of clicking the link. It’s beyond annoying. Huge oversight.

Couldnt live without it!

Wouldnt want to Couldn’t live without it

Great search engine

Google is my favorite search engine of all time and I’m happy to see that Google has made a well-made app designed specifically for browsing news, searching the internet and using it to look for local restaurants, etc. Though this app would not be used as a browser for your device. I literally don’t have any issues with the app yet as it is very user-friendly, lots of features and great ways to customize your likes and dislikes to get news in your feed based off what you like. Thank you~

Crashing latest version

Doing a google search on Brian Bosworth then go at bottom click on if he dead, it crashes. 3 times in a time I ever experience a crash like that since 1999 using the internet search.

Used to be perfect

The tab on the bottom of the app when you are searching or on a website is extremely annoying, doesn’t allow you to click on stuff on the bottom of a page. Other than that it works like it did before


Easy to use no hassle

Swipe to Dismiss?

I was going to use, and love, this app- very much. And then I realized I can’t swipe to dismiss cards. I’m not sure who designed this UI but please know, the interface stinks to use... it stinks enough that I can’t use the app simply due to the frustration it causes. Until next time, Google...

Bring back swipe to remove news stories

This used to be a 5 Star app. Please let us swipe to remove stories again.


I use to use this app all the time. Now that they have removed the swipe to dismiss I barely use it. Google please bring it back.

Swipe keyboard

The reason I have this app is for the swipe keyboard. This may be the single greatest feature of this app, as my major complaint about iPhones has always been the lack of one. However, since the latest update (11.2.1), there has been quite a lag between me finishing a word and it being entered onto the screen. If I type too fast, words sometimes wont get displayed as they get"typed over." This is extremely frustrating and completely ruins the point of swipe (fast texting), and therefore, the app (in my particular case). It may be an Apple issue, since it has only been happening since the most recent update, but there may be something you guys can do about it. This is a 5 star app, but since the update has been a 2 star app. Please fix this issue. (I have an iPhone SE if that matters at all) Thanks

Goggle Review

I use Goggle exclusively when I need to search for information I need immediately or if I just want to expand my knowledge of a current geographical area .

Google loosing

I remember being one of the first to adopt Google in the UK, these two crazy graduates I rooted for - there was honesty in the search it was easy to use Now I feel it’s become the very thing that other were we could see becoming - big corporate, driving us to websites , throwing ads at us - It was the little adopters that championed you over at that time the big brothers It’s now big brother it needs to get back to its simplicity - truthfulness - No traps for business or consumers One day someone will have a better solution and most likely it will be AI and no ad serving - no disingenuous search Rather than me discover that step back and say we did very well let’s give them back our true spirit -

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