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The lord and saviour


I Love Google!

I have Cortana, but Google is the BEST! Best information out there!

The best of the best!

I use google as my go to for everything, even at work. Thanks for always being there and having the information I need at my fingertips!!

Can’t update

Why can’t I update GOOGLE I’ve been trying to update for 2 days now.

Freezes up after iOS 11 update

I never have had any problems with this app in the past, but ever since the iOS 11 update on my iPad Pro, it freezes up 4 to 5 Times a week. The only thing that fixes it is to do a restart of my iPad. Very annoying!

Over thinks the web

It’s easy to use but the voice search is terrible


Only problem I have is when I go to refresh the newsfeed, it does not refresh well and continues to give me the same news.

The best

I use this app the most!!!!!!!

The new update is terrible

The suggestions are annoying, get in the way, and are kinda creepy since they seem to be using data from YouTube, not just this app. I also can’t seem to find a way to delete all of the open tabs at once and have to close each one individually. You also can’t play sound on videos through this app without headphones. It was fine before, but now it just seems cluttered.

Need another update

Im not sure what is going on. My iPhone x is up to date and I recently updated the app. For some reason it freezes when I try to remove recent pages.

I now hate this app

I use this app all the time and it used to be one of my favourites but the latest update causes the upper portion of my iPhone to severely heat up whenever I use it for more than a couple of minutes. Battery pref showed unusually high use and indicated it was “audio” causing a 40% drain with only 8 minutes of on screen time. I turned off all background activity but in the last 24 hours Battery shows 42 minutes of use has caused 29% drain while other apps with more on screen and background activity are in the single digits of battery use.

Opening Google

Before latest update Google opened immediately, since the update it’s slow, slow, slow & irritating?

Google enjoyment

One thing that I have a problem with is the toolbar at the bottom which give related websites. I dont want that at the bottom of my screen.


Google always has the answer to my questions! Thank you!


How do you add favourites in it or is there a different way to do it?

I don’t like the new updates

Tbh I’m really not a fan of the new updates, it just seems less modern. For instance the new image search. It’s like the old safari google image search and shows related photos (which is sometimes helpful) and takes up a lot of space, you also can’t easily scroll through photos and can’t easily zoom in either. Also when you search for something, it’s sometimes harder to find some stuff because it shows the related stuff instead of the real thing. In conclusion I just really want a downgrade...

Almost perfect but

Why do you not offer the same if not more features in the app than on the website???! Its insane that you cant do an exact search of the app, absolutely ridiculous


Thanks for the security feature that opens all my pages and shows a blatant lag and illuminate WWII fear tactic. What good is having an identity when the government needs to replace you and sell your name to a high bidder. I love having to be so nice about everything that may offend the sensory sociopathicly challenged. Makes me feel great! Empowered! And proud to be American knowing if we have a thought, you can sell it legally.

Best keyboard by far

love it

Battery drain

Updated to the most recent version of iOS 11 and ever since (a week or so) my battery has been draining a lot faster. Google now has been using 60-70% of my battery life when I barely use it. Need this fixed ASAP

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