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DJ theme

Can you put that google theme you guys had in the summer? It was like a DJ theme and you click on the google sign and a DJ thing to play with different beats would pop up, i actually really liked that. I also liked when you guys sed to put games instead of people to search for in the google sign. Putt it backk??

Music bug!!!!!!!!!!

Shuts down music when opening google app.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Google It!

Google is a wonderful tool! Where would we be without it? We are able to find anything from A to Z! And we don’t have to just use it at home.


It won’t let me get/download the app


My favorite place 2 go 2 search


Takes forever to boot up & 1/2 the time it won’t even start......its CRAP!

Cant delete pop up adds

Keep getting a stupid pop up add that I have won a $1,000 gift card no way to get out unless do a stupid survey goes on and on and until I buy something wont let me continue to my browser to n Move on ... google needs to get an update to fix

Google Review

Google has continued to innovate and stay up with the times or be a leader in shaping the evolution of not only search but the use of computers. Even after gaining lead many years ago , google didn’t slow down. A scenario not expected but has brought the world to the next level. Amazing. Still the best, the adds may get excessive but still in check. Privacy and related issues still being handled readily and professionally. Just don’t sacrifice quality and what the company has stood for and continues to stand for. Thank you for most excellent service !

Super annoyed

Very unhappy with your service every time I need to find something google can’t find it hell they can’t even answer my request! seems like every time i need it it doesnt work

Google Search

I have been using Google forever and all of a sudden it will not open nor allow me to do anything. What’s up with this ?

Music bug

Shuts down music when opening google app.


Google is always my go to Guru, you have educated me many years now. Thank You.


Takes like 10 seconds to load now. Apparently, it takes a little extra time to track YOUR EVERY MOVE.

Good for finding lost information.


Dual auth for Apple watch ?!

Hey google, all my other dual auth applications let me "verify" with my apple watch except for yours... Can we fix that please? It would bring much happiness and joy.

Okay but

I prefer to use chrome over safari but the new update makes it so every search you do is a new search rather than searching from the previous website. I hate that. Bring back the old format please. If I wanted the homepage to open up I’d click on the home page. Edit: one star. I can’t add any of my google accounts again. Stop making updates you’re making the app worse.


ya I know I don’t have any good ideas for you but I’m not really sure how to make a phone call or text you back but I don’t want to go to the sports club center today because I have to get my car back here so I can come over to my house and pick up my car I’ll pick it up at the house and I can come pick up my car and then I will be back in the car and I can pick up the bus. Hi I am going to call you when I’m done with my lunch break and then I’ll tell you what I feel like about this app ha hrrr

Google is anti-Christian

Google celebrates every holiday besides the ones that Christians celebrate. They go crazy for ramadan but nothing for Easter or Christmas. I will never use your services again. From now on, I will be using DuckDuckGo as my search engine. This is what you get for alienating many of your users.

Love Google but,

Only reason not 5 star, is that when reading stories relative to my interests, after I tell it I’m not interested, that story still comes back when I revisit later. It’s not under a different title (trending, nation, etc...), it comes back under same.

Matthew Gibson

It super good

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